Currently the Alliance Shield is down for Note 7 devices however it still functions as a full package disabler for any other device as well as rooted Note 7s that can change the device type. In the coming weeks we will focus on implementing a new method. Current Shield Users (all 550+ of you) are still secure. Do not uninstall your -current- Shield installations. Doing so and/or attempting to re-install will result in the license termination error. Alliance members will also want to secure their phones with the Solid Explorer and/or previous ABD methods moving forward. N7A management is still working on the best ways to help members secure their devices as well as testing with the Z3X box that we've purchased to further our research and development and for the future of the Alliance Shield. If you require additional information or answers to questions or concerns you may have, such answers may be sought through a N7A-verified 'Trusted' member on our website [ http://n7alliance.com ] - Otherwise we will keep members updated as we know more. After you've read this announcement once you can close it via the X in the upper-right of this message.

N7A Management

Note7 Repair [Check List]

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Shoutout to @jafar.martin for suggesting this checklist!
Start Here [Note 7 Check List]

Below is a list of frequent problems our allies have with their Note 7. Click on the problem to find your solution.
If the fix to your problem is not listed here, place a support ticket here.


-At 100% but need protection: DOWNLOAD ALLIANCE SHIELD APP

-Note 7 battery only charges to 60%

-Block Samsung OTA updates

-Safety Recall Notifications pop up when charging Note 7 or unlocking the screen

-Downloaded the Samsung firmware update but have not installed it

-Note 7 Unresponsive/Frozen

-Samsung Pay does not work

-Samsung Smart Switch app is not working