Make a Donation

If you'd like to donate (no pressure at all) to the Alliance, donations will be re-applied to the forum and to improving the experience for its users. Potential implementations for the future:

- Arrow Chat (Facebook like chat / messaging system, just for the website)
- IRC Server (Live chat server, visit us on:
- Z3X Box (N7A owns a z3x box to flash, unlock, repair, reset and otherwise manipulate any Samsung device)
- CleanTalk (spam control, currently in trial period)
- Code Guard (server backup, we're bigger than we thought we'd get! :)

Every $1 donation will in addition earn you 100 AG (Alliance Gold):

Use your AG (Alliance Gold) website-currency to make purchases within the N7A community. You can spend 'ag' a number of useful resources: 1-on-1 technical/remote services with N7A staff for computer/mobile issues, graphical/design requests/images needed, unlimited bandwidth web hosting/ftp/email, N7A Lottery with alliance gold jackpots and much more!